Welcome to Lithuania

A country of rolling hills and gentle plains; of quietly flowing rivers and of lakes which reflect the blueness of the sky. Its eclectic capital city Vilnius is a melting pot of culture and heritage.

Lithuania – A Baroque masterpiece

As one of Europe’s best kept secrets, Lithuania’s beautiful beaches and national parks are remarkably unspoiled. Since gaining independence in 1990, the country has undergone a rapid modernization and you’ll find lively nightlife, hospitable people and a nation that is fiercely proud of its heritage and culture. Bask in the sea breeze or endless midsummer days by the coast, wander through enchanting woodlands and discover Vilnius, the charming capital bursting with churches and baroque finery.

Practical Information

This information can be useful when traveling to this beautiful country

Lithuania enjoy a temperate climate. July is usually the warmest month with an average temperature of around 19°C while January is the coldest month with an average of around -2°C.
Public Transport
Vilnius offers a good public transportation system consisting of busses and trolleybuses. However due to its size, it is very easy to see the city by foot.
Cities are teaming with Internet cafes, while smaller towns and villages provide over 500 public internet access points in libraries, post offices and tourist information centers. Access points are marked with an “@”.
Lithuania adopted the Euro in 2015. The previous currency was Lithuanian Litas.
Vilnius is divided in two main shopping areas. Visitors looking for antiques, amber, souvenirs and art will find the Old Town interesting while Gedimino is the place for more high-end shopping.
Citizens and residents of a country outside the EU can claim a Value Added Tax (VAT) refund when shopping in stores with “tax free shopping” signs. A minimum purchase per shop is required. When approaching the refund point, please make sure that you have the following with you:
  • Your goods
  • Your Global Blue tax-free form
  • Your passport/ID

Did You Know?

This information can be useful when traveling to this beautiful country

The 3.6 million Lithuanians speak one of the oldest and existing languages of the Indo-European category
Amber is a crucial part of Lithuanian identity and culture: The famous Amber Road stretches 99km along the entire seaside of the country
Lithuanians cherish and preserve their traditions: UNESCO has labelled their Song Festival as the “Masterpiece of  the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”
Lithuania is known for having the most hot air balloons in the world
From Gothic to Classic: Almost all styles of architecture can be found in Vilnius
The capital Vilnius is a city of churches. There are about 40 churches of different architectural styles, each with an interesting story to tell


Trakai Castle

The moated castle located on a small island and surrounded by the beautiful nature of Lithuania should not be missed!

Christmas Markets

Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit quite like a Baltic Christmas Market. Stroll around beneath the Christmas lights and enjoy festive treats such as mulled wine.

Hill of Crosses

Visit the famous landmark in Šiauliai in Northern Lithuania and see the popular pilgrimage site which is home to over 100,000 wooden and metal crosses.

Hot Air Balloon ride

Admire beautiful landscapes from above on an iconic Hot Air Balloon ride. The sky's the limit!

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