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Known for its expanses of pristine wilderness, Finland boasts an incredible 40 national parks for nature enthusiasts to get lost in. Vibrant cities and an unrivaled option of winter activities make Finland stand-out from the crowd.

Finland – where drama comes alive

Depending on when you visit, the Finland you encounter will be very different. With towering forests, picture-perfect lakes and waterside cottages, Finland offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, canoeing and idyllic contemplation. In the winter, everything is blanketed in snow, transforming the country into a Winter Wonderland. Ice fishing, reindeer and husky sledding, Northern Light hunting and a visit to Finnish Lapland to meet Santa Claus, are just some of the ways to pass the wintery days.

Practical Information

This information can be useful when traveling to this beautiful country

Finland’s weather can vary greatly during one day. July is usually the warmest month with an average temperature of around 18° C in Helsinki. February is the coldest month with an average of around -5° C.
Public Transport
Helsinki offers convenient public transportation, and short distances make it easy to get around by walking or biking. The Helsinki public transport network is operating 24 hours a day.
Local Wi-Fi networks are widespread in Finland. Many restaurants, cafes, hotels and shopping centers have free Wi-Fi available.
The Finnish currency is Euro, but one and two cent coins are not used.
Helsinki offers a vast array of unique souvenirs from folksy handicrafts to functional Finnish design and a variety of shopping environments. The Design District is a cluster of shops offering a variety of shopping, dining and design-related experiences.
Citizens and residents of a country outside the EU can claim a Value Added Tax (VAT) refund when shopping in stores with “tax free shopping” signs. A minimum purchase per shop is required. When approaching the refund point, please make sure that you have the following with you: Your goods, your Global Blue tax-free form and your passport/ID

Did You Know?

This information can be useful when traveling to this beautiful country

Finnish people use frozen lakes as roads during winter time
The official currency is Euro, but one and two cent coins are not used in Finland
There are around 2.2 million saunas in Finland – that gives one to every 2,5 people
Turku, the former capital of Finland, was founded in the 13th century
Finland has the highest per capita coffee consumption in the world
Finland provides the best educational system in Europe
It is the only country in the world that broadcasts news in Latin
Travelers can reach Tallinn within two hours by boat, St. Petersburg within half a day by train and Stockholm by overnight cruise


We offer more than 10 activities where you can experience the incredible beauty of the Nordic countries

Ice fishing

Travel by snowmobile to a remote frozen lake and in the peaceful surroundings break through the ice and try your luck at ice fishing!

Snowshoe Adventure

Walking on snow in traditional snowshoes is a completely new way to experience hiking, as you go on an adventurous excursion through snow-covered landscapes.

Snowmobile Safari

Whether on a guided tour or a rental, there is no better way to discover Finland's varied scenery than on a thrilling snowmobile ride.

Experience Sauna and winter bathing

If you feel comfortable with chilly temperatures, then you must try this extreme but euphoric experience as it is a way a life in Finland.


Skiing in Finland is an experience in itself. The country holds no less than 100 ski resorts and the season last for more than 200 days a year!

Icebreaker Cruise

Get on board the only ships able to cruise through such icy conditions and journey to the North Pole. Walk on the thick ice and take spectacular photos.

Northern Lights tour

Also known as Aurora Borealis, get the chance to chase and witness this fascinating phenomenon during your holidays on dedicated excursions.

Reindeer safari

Get the opportunity to connect with local herders and Sami people on a relaxing trip through nature on a reindeer sleigh.

Husky safari through the Arctic

Sled with huskies through Lapland’s splendid landscapes on a 2.5 hour safari. The thrilling ride takes you through the region's oldest spruce forests.

Finland’s Glass Igloo Experience

Finland's unique glass igloos offer the best way to admire the Northern Lights; from comfortable rooms under a transparent roof.

Midnight Sun Floating Experience

Using a special suit, float in the middle of an arctic lake, surrounded by peaceful forest, while soaking up the evening sun.

UNESCO World Heritage site of Suomenlinna

Located on a group of islands, this 18th century maritime edifice' defensive walls contain centuries-old artillery and a comprehensive military heritage.

Meet the Sami people

Experience an Aurora dinner at a Sami camp. Join the Sami reindeer herders for dinner, learn about their culture and beliefs and help them feed the reindeer.

Finland lake cruises

The country offers ideal romantic settings for a boat cruise thanks to its expansive lakes, beautiful scenery and the unique atmosphere of the Midnight Sun.

Santa Claus Village

While visiting Lapland, fulfill your childhood dream on a visit to Santa Claus Village where you can meet the man himself and send a postmarked letter home.

Arctic Circle tour in Lapland

Cross the Arctic Circle on a reindeer sleigh or husky sled. Highlights include a visit to Santa Claus Village and seeing how the Sami live.

Temppeliaukion Rock Church

The Rock Church is a Lutheran church situated in the center of Helsinki. It gets its name from its unique structure which was directly built into solid rock.

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