Welcome to Denmark

If you’re searching for ‘hygge’ – a cosy feeling of contentedness – then Denmark is your answer. You will find it in the people, the food and the scenery. The land of fairytales, Vikings, new Nordic cuisine and cutting edge design is a real treat.

Denmark – a country of warmth and contentedness

With a series of world-class restaurants to boot, raved-about hit TV shows and an enviable flair for design, Denmark is an international cultural powerhouse. No visit to Denmark is complete without trying smørrebrød, an open-faced sandwich with an array of delicious topping combinations to choose from. Aside from its capital Copenhagen, known its cultural offering and lively nightlife, the country is also known for idyllic villages, sandy beaches and being the home of Hans Christian Andersen.

Practical Information

This information can be useful when traveling to this beautiful country

Temperatures in Denmark vary considerably during the year, particularly during the winter period.  July is normally the warmest month with an average temperature of just below 20°C. February is generally the coldest with an average of just below 0°.
Public Transport
Public transport in Copenhagen is efficient, safe and practical. The Copenhagen public transport network is operating 24 hours a day, with special train, metro and bus services covering the night and early hours.
Cafes and hotels with wireless Internet can be found throughout the city.
The Danish currency is the krone (DKK) which is divided into 100 øre. 1 DKK equals approx. 13 Euro cents/12 pence. Many shops and restaurants do accept foreign currency in cash but it is advisable to pay in DKK.
Copenhagen’s city centre is a cozy maze of narrow streets with one-of-a-kind boutiques, well-known names and classy department stores. Copenhagen’s commercial heart is concentrated in the beautiful old town centre and in the buzzing city districts.
Citizens and residents of a country outside the EU can claim a Value Added Tax (VAT) refund when shopping in stores with “tax free shopping” signs. A minimum purchase per shop is required. When approaching the refund point, please make sure that you have the following with you: Your goods, your Global Blue tax-free form and your passport/ID

Did You Know?

This information can be useful when traveling to this beautiful country

The origins of the Danish Royal Family trace back to the Viking kings
Copenhagen is home to some of the world’s best restaurants, many of them rooted in the New Nordic Cuisine
Over a third of the locals in Copenhagen cycle to work every day
The currency is Danish Kroner, but most shops and restaurants accept Euro
Denmark’s flag, Dannebrog, is the oldest state flag in the world still in use by an independent nation. It was adopted in 1219.
The country's average height above sea level is only 31 metres and the highest natural point is Møllehøj, at 171 metres.
Denmark is among the leading global role models concerning environmental issues and sustainable practices.
The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen opened in 1843 and is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The most visited art museum in Denmark, the Louisiana, has a great collection of modern art and a beautiful concert hall.© Photo: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


Entertainment for the whole family waits in LEGOLAND Billund Resort, the original LEGOLAND Park and home of the interlocking toy bricks.

Egeskov Castle

Built for defence purposes over 450 years ago, Egeskov Castle is Europe’s best preserved Renaissance moated castle and sits amid beautiful surroundings.

Arken Museum of Modern Art

The contemporary art museum houses more than 400 works by Danish, Nordic and international artists dating from the 1900s to modern day.© Photo: Torben Petersen


Known as the 'Sunshine Island' Bornholm is Denmark's easternmost island and as the name suggest receives hours of sunshine a day making it an idyllic place to be.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens amusement park inspired H.C. Andersen and Walt Disney with its fairy-tale-like surroundings and continues to amaze young and old with its rides – why not you?

Den gamle By – The Old Town Museum

Journey through time at the Old Town Museum in Aarhus, an open-air museum with over 75 beautiful houses, shops and entertainment to explore.


Denmark’s northernmost town offers unique nature, beautiful white sandy beaches and inspiring museums and galleries displaying world famous paintings.

Danish Christmas Markets

The magic of Danish Christmas markets are incomparable – they mix nostalgia with seasonal delicacies and never fail to conjure the festive spirit!

Nyhavn Canal

The formerly buzzing port is now a stunning place to relax. Its beautiful old houses have been transformed into vibrant restaurants serving tasty food and playing lively music.

Hans Christian Andersen’s Denmark

Follow in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen and discover how he impacted Denmark with visits to Fairy-tale House, The Round Tower and H.C. Andersen's Childhood Home.

Viking Ship Museum

Located in Roskilde is Denmark's premier museum for medieval and prehistoric ships, seafaring and boat building. See 5 original Viking ships up close and discover their colour histories.

Copenhagen Canal Cruise

One of the best way to discover the highlights of Copenhagen is via boat, sailing down its charming canals. Discover Nyhavn harbour and its adjoining canals.

The Little Mermaid Statue

Visit The Little Mermaid, one of Copenhagen's most popular tourist attracts at Langelinje Pier. Made from bronze and granite it was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy-tale.

North Sealand Castles

Just beyond Copenhagen is the area of North Sealand, a cultural hub home to an array of historic castles such as Frederiksborg Castle and the Queen’s Fredensborg Palace.

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