A Royal Adventure

On the tracks of Royals in three different countries!
Denmark is the world's oldest monarchy as it's at least 1,000 years old! This Royalty can be experienced at some of the beautiful castles there. The current Norwegian royal family belongs to the House of Glücksburg. To sense their noble heritage, visit the Royal Palace and the amazing National Theatre. The official residence of the Swedish Royal Family is the Drottingholm Palace which will be another Highlight of this very aristocratic tour!

Tour duration 7 days

Day 1: Copenhagen

Let this Royal Tour start by exploring the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, home to one of the oldest monarchies in the world. The roots of Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II, can be traced back to the first Viking kings of Denmark over 1000 years ago. The royal trip takes you right into the heart of the Danish capital: So full of historical buildings and ancient streets, it doesn’t take much to realize, how rich the capital’s history is.

Where better to start following in royal footsteps than at the home of the majesties themselves? The beautiful 16th century Amalienborg Palace with rococo interiors quickly brings out the magic of Kings and Queens. Get the chance to witness the Changing of the Guard, a tradition that displays the Danish royalty unlike anything else: Everyday the guards march from their barrack through the city and arrive at the palace at noon.

You’ve always wanted to know how it would feel to be a real monarch? Get as close as possible and stand on the same balcony where the kings and queens are proclaimed at Christianborg Palace. See the city from above while enjoying the majestic view from the tower of the palace.

Strolling around the beautiful city you will see the Little Mermaid and the Gefion fountain, the Nyhavn Canal with its charming outdoor restaurants and picturesque cafés, the Royal Opera House and many more sights. And did you know there’s actually quite some chance to bump into Crown Prince Frederik while he is doing on of his runs in the streets?

Day 2: Copenhagen, North Sealand, Copenhagen

The northern area of the Danish island only 30 minutes from Copenhagen is called Royal North Sealand for a reason. Visit three of the most stunning castles built by former monarchs to show off their wealth and power. Once built by Christian IV to secure his powerful status, the Frederiksborg Castle is now home to the museum of National History and gives you the chance to immerse in 500 year old tales and stories.

Sometimes, a nice summer getaway is exactly what we need right?  Even the royal family enjoys a change of scenery in the summer months. Visiting the favourite residence of Queen Margaret and her family, Fredensborg Palace, you can see where Royals get their tan. Among the beautiful Castle Gardens there’s also the royal private garden supplying the household with fresh ingredients.

Be greeted by Hamlet stepping into one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles and UNESCO World Heritage Kronborg Castle. Now known as Hamlet and Shakespeare’s castle, already 500 years ago the magnificent castle was quite a topic among the aristocrats.

Meet Hamlet with his family and friends in the halls of Kronburg during the summer months or inspect the castle With King Frederiks II Royal Housekeeper Beate Bill in preparation for the Royal Banquet.

Day 3: Copenhagen

Breakfast at hotel. The coach bus will bring you from the hotel to the pier where you will take the overnight cruise with DFDS Seaways from Copenhagen to Oslo in inside cabins with single beds.

Dinner on board.

Day 4: Oslo

After arrival in Oslo and breakfast on the cruise we will continue the Royal Adventure in Oslo.

You’ve always been interested in how the royals spend their daily life? Then the home of Norway’s King and Queen at The Royal Palace is the perfect place to sense the magic atmosphere in the rooms where the daily life of the monarch takes place and audiences or dinners are held. Although the Royal Family owns several residences, the neo-classical building with its surrounding garden area is certainly the most important.

Visit the beautiful National Theatre to see another one of Norway’s main attractions. Royal stories mostly take place in fiction there, but the building impresses with its unique and luxurious interiors.

Get to know something about Norways politics visiting the Parliament building.

Now discover what could be a 21st century castle when you go to see the futurist Oslo Opera House, situated majestically right at the waterfront.

Travel back in time visiting Akershus Fortress, a strategic location in the 1300s. Nowadays the fortress is an event venue and home to the Royal Mausoleum.

Take a stroll through Norway’s biggest park, the Frogner Park, and its stunning manor house surrounded by Norway’s largest collection of roses.

Day 5: Oslo, Stockholm

Breakfast at the hotel. Then you will take the long distance coach towards Stockholm.

Overnight at Scandic Järva Krog or similar.

Day 6: Stockholm

Enjoy a cruise on the picturesque Lake Malären before you arrive at Drottningholm Palace, UNESCO World Heritage site and the permanent residence of Their Majesties the King and Queen. Since the 1600s the palace and its green park area have been home to several royal personalities who have left their marks on the castle.

Feel like kings and queens strolling around the unique Palace Park, which displays the variety of influences of several reigning monarchs and epochs. Did you ever wonder what the typical birthday presents among royals are? At Drottningholm you can easily discover the answer to that question, visiting the Chinese Pavilion, a beautiful summer palace that King Adolf Fredrik gave to Queen Lobisa Ulrika.

Day 7: Stockholm

Breakfast at the hotel and coach transfer to the pier, where you will start your journey home with DFDS Seaways.

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