A Trip of a Lifetime 2019 continues …

... and it is all about the beautiful nature found in the Nordics. Whether you are seeking relaxation at Wadden Sea National Park in Denmark, dream about dining on ice in Sweden, or are looking for adventure in Finland, the Nordics has it all. From ice caves in Iceland, to Norway’s incredible viewpoint and Europe’s best kept secret, the Faroe Islands, get ready to discover the region’s best kept secrets.


Add “hygge” to your life!

Ever wondered what to call that feeling of cozy contentment you get from enjoying the simple things in life? Danish people call this feeling “hygge”. Why not bring some hygge into your life? Visit Ribe, Denmark’s oldest town, lined with idyllic shops and restaurants, before heading to the coast to marvel at Wadden Sea National Park, which lies along the coasts of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The region is listed as UNESCO World Heritage and offers various activities for young and elderly alike.

Witness the phenomenon “Black Sun” where tens of thousands of starlings fly in perfect harmony, creating amazing dark patterns in the sky. Other activities on offer include a seal safari or put on some fishing waders and pluck your own Pacific oysters in the Wadden Sea while sipping some Champagne.


An outstanding experience on ice

Somewhere out on the Gulf of Bothnia, 20 km away from Luleå you will find one of Sweden’s most unique dining experiences. On the ice, beneath a starry sky is a warm, cosy tipi (tent) which is serving up a real treat. The menu includes local ingredients such as salmon, reindeer meat and bilberries. While in the below zero tent, you will be kept warm by special winter suits, allowing you to enjoy your romantic surroundings to your hearts content! 


For year-round adventures

The region of Kuusamo in the north east of Finland is renowned for its winter activities. If you have ever dreamt of meeting gentle reindeers in a winter wonderland or husky sledding through a snowy landscape, this is the place for you. Alternatively, if you are after a slower pace, try river floating – wearing a warm floating suit, lie amid idyllic scenery.

Kuusamo is not just a place for winter though, with an array of brilliant season specific activities on offer year-round. In the summer you can go canoeing on the river Oulankajoki, whereas the fall hues are the perfect surroundings for a hiking.

After enjoying one of the above activities relax in a sauna, and indulge in an amazing 3-course dinner with ingredients picked from the forest. While relaxing in a cosy Rukan Salonki Chaltes you may catch a glimpse of the Northern lights. It doesn’t get more magical than this!


Conquer the ice

Iceland – the name says it all. Its dramatic landscapes are a staggering source of adventure. In the south east of Iceland lie Ice Caves – stunning manifestations of nature at work. Step into an ice cave and into a magical crystal labyrinth. As the glaciers change constantly, you will never visit the same cave twice.

Excursions into the ice caves start at Jokulsarlon from where a super jeep will take you inside. Prepared with a helmet and crampons you are free to explore!

© Jiri Havran_Gaularfjellet


A giant unfolding picnic blanket in Norway’s heights

Not far from Balestrand you can experience a viewpoint with a difference. First you must journey up the mountain on foot or by bus. The ascent follows the Gaularvassdraget, one of the few water courses that are protected, offering everything from wild rapids and waterfalls to calm stretches where the water glides quietly on its way. On reaching the mountain plateau, you will be rewarded with the Gaularfjellet Viewpoint which provides the perfect place to take in the panoramic view of the surrounding jaw-dropping scenery.

With a structure that is reminiscent of an unfolding picnic blanket, it is little wonder that this viewpoint is lauded for its architectural finesse. Sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing views on Norway’s top panorama.

Faroe Islands

Explore Europe’s best kept secret from the top

Experience the Faroe Islands, Europe’s best kept secret – an unfathomable beauty, mysteriously tucked away like a figment of a child’s imagination. Venture to a place less travelled and discover the 18 small volcanic islands, cloaked in emerald green in the midst of the North Atlantic Ocean.

For a bird’s-eye view of the island’s stunning scenery you can take an unforgettable helicopter tour. On the topic of birds, Mykines (one of the Faroese Islands), is home to rich bird life, including hundreds of puffins, which nestle in the clifftops during the summer months. Marvel at the peaceful setting situated among lush green valleys, imposing basalt cliffs, grand treeless moorlands and waterfalls plunging directly into the wind whipped ocean.

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