Dear traveller

Welcome to Lithuania, a country of rolling hills and gentle plains; of quietly flowing rivers and of lakes which reflect the blueness of the sky.

Let us take a walk through the contrasts Vilnius has to offer - shadowy courtyards, artist community, intriguing arts and beautiful baroque. Its natural treasures - forests, lakes, the magical Curonian Spit in Western Lithuania - a shimmery landscape, while its oddities - the Hill of Crosses and a Soviet sculpture park – they all add a flavour found nowhere else. Come and see why we are called a Baroque masterpiece while You walk with us the narrow streets and passages of Vilnius- they will immerge You into a world of flower-decorated courtyards.

Come and embrance the different flavours the Lithuanian culture and heritage has to offer- see, feel, hear and experience a little bit of everything from different times and epochs. Let us take a stroll along the Baltic Seacoast and discorver the Lithuanian gold- amber rinsed ashore by the waves of the Baltic Sea.

Lithuania is a melting pot of culture and heritage, a place of contrast and natural wonders, where you can get in touch with the authentic and intangible human heritage - Europe's best-kept secret.

We look forward to seeing you!



Did you know


The 3.6 million Lithuanians are speaking one of the oldest and existing languages of the Indo-European category, but most of us also speak English

Amber is a crucial part of our identity and culture as 99 km of the Amber Road covers our whole seaside. If You are lucky a walk on the seaside can end up in finding a small piece of Lithuanian gold-amber

We cherish and preserve our traditions in so far that UNESCO has labelled our Song Festival as the Masterpiece of  the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

We have the most hot air balloons in the world. So do not miss the opportunity to see Vilnius from above in a hot air balloon 

Almost all styles of architecture can be found in Vilnius, from Gothic to Classical so take a stroll in the streets and enjoy the masterpieces

Vilnius is a city of churches. There are about 40 churches of different architectural styles in the Old Town each with an interesting story to tell

We love basketball so much that we consider it our second religion

Practical information about Lithuania


Lithuania enjoy a temperate climate and You have the opportunity of seeing all four distinct seasons, each giving a new face to the country. Nevertheless heavy rains can be expected during summer so if you visit us during that period, be prepared. July is normally the warmest month with an average temperature of around 19° C. In contrast, January is the coldest month with an average temperature of around -2° C.


Public Transportation
Vilnius offers an extensive public transportation system formed of busses and trolleybuses, but due to its small size, it is very easy to see the city by foot. The Vilnius public transport network is operating from 5 to 23 every day, with special bus services covering the night and early hours during the weekends.


Cities are teeming with Internet cafes, while smaller towns and villages feature over 500 public Internet access points (in libraries, post offices, tourist information centres, etc.). Internet access points are marked with an @sign.


The Lithuanian currency is the Euro (EUR) which is divided into 100 cents. Many shops etc. do accept foreign currency in cash – at an unfavourable exchange rate for you. It is advisable to pay with Lithuanian litas. Lithuanian bank opening hours are generally from 8 am to 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays.  Banks are closed during weekends and public holidays. Currency exchange offices offer longer opening hours than banks and stays open on Saturdays and Sundays/public holidays. ATMs, found at practically all bank-branches, accept all major credit cards. 


Shopping in Vilnius can be both fun and interesting and due to its size and location Vilnius is divided in two main shopping areas. 
Thus if You are that kind of shopper who is looking for antiques, amber, souvenirs and art the Old Town is the place where you should be shopping. On the other side if you are looking for more high-end shopping then Gedimina is the place for it. 


If you are a citizen and resident of a country outside the EU, you can claim a Value Added Tax (VAT) refund. You can only shop in stores with “tax free shopping” signs in order to receive the VAT refund. In order to achieve the VAT refund, a minimum purchase per shop is required. When you approach the refund point, please make sure that you have the following with you:


Your goods 

Your Global Blue tax-free form 

Your passport/ID 

For more information please go to: or ask in the ”tax free” shop.


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