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Welcome to Greenland, Kalaallit Nunaata, a land of unspoken riches and barren beauty, of incredible wildlife, handcrafts, and natural arts. Remote. Rough. Real.

In this pristine arctic wilderness par excellence veiled in myths and ice you can feel the inner spirit of your soul. The spirit of will and pride that has kept us, the native people of Greenland, alive for thousands of years in what most would consider an environment too harsh and too inhospitable. We are sealers. We are hunters. And we would love to show you why life in this cold far-flung corner of the world is more rewarding than you could ever imagine:

Watch the whales dance in the sunlit surface of the fjords. Marvel at the edge of the roaring inland ice in perpetual motion spreading for 1.8 million km2 across our mighty land. Spot our neighboring musk oxen in the lush green valleys under the midnight sun, or gaze into the eyes of the polar bear searching for seals between the waving icebergs. Taste the fruits of these seemingly sterile slopes and munch on the freshest fish you will ever find. Let our strong dogs take you by sleigh into the white for the experience of time standing still in the echoing silence. Let nature seduce you and change your perspective for years to come. If you dare.

We look forward to seeing You!



Did you know


Only around 16% of Greenland is actually green. 

Kayak, anorak, and igloo are Greenlandic words. 

Ilulissat houses the most active glacier in the northern hemisphere. 

Our national dish is boiled seal meat, along with rice and onions. 

Our current head of state is the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II. 

We live in 120 localities around the coast, and 65 of these settlements have less than 100 residents each. 

Our ancestors, the first Inuits, came to Greenland as far back as 4,500 years ago. 

No roads are connecting our towns – we cover longer distances by ship, aircraft, or helicopter. 

July is the only month in which Greenland's temperature goes above the freezing point. 

Our currency is Danish Kroner. 

Greenland is the least densely populated country in the world. 

We are a part of the North American continent, but geopolitically a part of Europe 

Sadly, one of our icebergs was responsible for the sinking of the Titanic 

Practical information about Greenland


The weather in Greenland can be highly changeable, but if you plan on being prepared both for a short walk from the hotel and for an expedition lasting several days, there's an easy solution: Bring plenty of clothes with you and bring the right clothes. Furthermore the temperature in Greenland is highly dependent on where you are and which time of the year you visit the country. July is the warmest month with an average temperature below 10°C, but sometimes it is much warmer. Winters can be very cold in Greenland with an average temperature around -10 °C or even colder, depending on the region you visit.


Public Transportation
There are no roads between the towns in Greenland and all transportation is conducted by air or ship.  At shorter distances outside the towns you can travel by boats, dogsleds and snowmobiles. Nuuk is easy to get around on foot and it has a well developed road network. There are also buses and taxi services that make it easy to get around in Nuuk. The Nuuk public transportation operates every day from 6 am to midnight.


Hotspots have been established in most major hotels, and more and more hotels are offering connections from their rooms. There are Internet cafés in bigger towns. It is also possible to check your emails in some tourist offices.


The currency in Greenland is the Danish kroner (DKK) which is divided into 100 øre. Many shops etc. accept foreign currency in cash – at an unfavourable exchange rate for you. It is advisable to pay with Danish kroner or by credit card. Bank opening hours are Monday -Thursday 9:30 -15:30 and Friday 9:30 -15:00. Banks are closed during weekends. Currency exchange offices offer longer opening hours than banks and stays open on Saturdays and Sundays/public holidays. ATMs, found at practically all bank-branches, accept all major credit cards. 


No travel holiday is complete without shopping. Admittedly, the pedestrian precinct in Nuuk isn't that long, but it's fine for a quick shopping trip if you wish to blend in with the local 'Nuummioq'. On the pedestrian street you have the opportunity of browsing different types of shops and  can pick up a fantastic fur coat or classic souvenirs ranging from sealskin mittens, jewellery, furs and fine tupilak figures in bone and soapstone. 


Greenland does not add VAT on their products and as such there is no VAT refund.

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